Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175
Deps Slide Swimmer 175

Deps Slide Swimmer 175


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Weak wave, soft sound concept.

The deadly swimbait family known as “Slide Swimmer” was created with a new completely new manufacturing method called “weak wave and soft sound”, which is different than any big baits before it.

The bait is covered with a sublimated body material made of an ABS resin core and a realistic soft shell. This allows the bait to have a soft sound and soft vibration with a texture that is close to the real thing as possible. In addition, the bait swims defenselessly with a straight retrieve.

It realistically looks and acts like a dying baitfish. Each twitch and jerk of the rod give it great action and pausing the bait causes a following bass t strike.

A secondary action is created by the soft shell that overhangs the front core body. As the bait moves, it pushes the rear body back as water flows through the duct from the front to the back f the lure. This added sound and vibration adds to the appeal of the bait.

The characteristics of “Slide Swimmers” make them the best big baits on the market.

  • LENGTH: 175mm
  • WEIGHT: 2.8oz
  • LENGTH: 175mm
  • WEIGHT: 2.6oz



he “new slide swimmer 175” shipped after June 2021, will be replaced with a NEW soft shell equipped with 250 troubleless bumper fins. This new soft shell creates a stable action that does not upset the balance even during fast retrieves, and also creates a sharper darting action.

The fins also prevent the hooks from snagging or fouling against the body.

The ABS hollow-core body allows for crisp and sharp gliding action and allows the bait to feature a microspring weight inside of the bait for added appeal. The weight is added outside of the front core and lets you easily tune the lure and adjust the weight by removing the soft shell.


he spring weight system is mounted on the head and produces micro-vibrations each time the weight is shaken. This helps to trigger bites with a knocking sound that is created when the lure is retrieved.


The silent “floating model” with the spring weight system removed attracts fish and creates explosive topwater strikes. Also, if you remove the front soft shell and add a weight, you can tune to a silent sinking bait and expand the depth of your fishing.


The insert plate built into the ABS core body adds to the reflection of the bait as it moves through the water. This version does not have the spring weight system, but the front body is equipped with a 7mm steel rattle.

The dampening effect provided by the outer soft shell suppresses unnatural noise from the joints during the retrieve, and creates a smooth and natural action.


The duct between the core body and soft shell captures the water flow inside the body during the retrieve and discharges the water at the joint creating a natural swimming look.

HOOK (175: # 1/145: # 3)

he hooks have a smooth surface for better hook presentation. This hook was carefully selected because of the size of the bass that bite this lure and the tin color helps to camouflage the hook against the belly of the bait. For added attraction, you can replace the stock hooks with feathered trebles to give it a more natural look, especially in current.


The meandering action that swims flutteringly and lustrously reproduces the bait fish that swims defenselessly and the dying bait fish that is damaged and weakened, and stimulates eating habits and aggression and induces bite. A wide range of capture is possible depending on the holding angle of the rod and the retrieve speed.


The high response unique to the lipless model that responds swiftly to rod operation, the irregular behavior such as the appearance of invading the territory in a hurry and running away gives a “pause” that induces a bite at this point , Boasts a high strike rate.

The bait reacts swiftly to rod movements such as twitches and jerks and imitates a defenseless baitfish that is in a predator’s territory. The irregular action creates triggers a feeding reaction from big bass.

Deps takes pride in the unique action of this bait and how easy it is to work with the rod.

High-temperature caution

Take caution to where you store your baits as they can become deformed or cracked due to the expansion of the air during high temperatures. Keep them out of direct sunlight and in hot places like the inside of vehicles or tackle boxes stored during the warmer months as we are not responsible for damages caused due to storing lures in high temperatures.


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